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ILLmarathonAre you thinking about running the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon this year? There a few key things to think about as you begin training for the races, particularly if this is your first race experience. Avoiding injury will keep this experience fun and worthwhile for you. Some key points to remember include:


  • Make sure you are healthy enough to start a training program. See you physician for a physical if you are starting your first exercise program.
  • Update your shoes. A new pair of properly fitted running shoes for your foot type can make all the difference in keeping you healthy. See your local running or shoe specialty store if you have any questions.
  • Start slow but be consistent. It is recommended that you increase the duration of your workouts before you begin to worry about increasing the intensity.
  • Cross train. Adding strength exercises to your program can keep you injury free and help you run fast! Stay tuned to our website for recommendations and ideas over the next few months!
  • Get into a routine, find some friends or join a program/group. Some people can run on their own and do their own thing, while others prefer to socialize and have someone to keep them accountable. There are multiple programs available online to follow and several area running groups that can assist you. Find what works for you to keep you happy, healthy and consistent.