Physical Therapy at the Fields

Hey all! Have you heard the news? The Christie Clinic Physical Therapy Department has now moved to their brand new location at The Fields! Though our location is new, we still provide great therapy services for a variety of issues.


Primarily, our physical therapy department provides outpatient services for orthopedic conditions. This includes post-operative rehabilitation for post-operative procedures including total knees, total hips, rotator cuff (not rotary cup!) repairs, quad tendon repairs, shoulder scopes, and knee scopes. Though a large focus at our physical therapy clinic is on the orthopedic issues mentioned, the therapists we have working here have expertise in a variety of areas.


Kristi Gresch is our specialist in women’s health and pelvic floor disorders. She treats issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, and issues post-partum, plus much more!

Kathleen Ruhter and Stacey Trulock have specialized certifications in treating vestibular orders and BPPV (dizziness resulting from inner ear issues). They will work with your ENT provider to resolve these issues, as well as strategize ways to incorporate improving balance and gaze stabilization throughout your daily activities.

Rachel Zubricky is our pediatric therapist treating infants and children who have development delays or physical impairments. Issues with hitting developmental milestones, toe walking, and patients with developmental disorders are a few of the areas that Rachel can treat.

Olivia Martin is certified in LSVT BIG, a program that is utilized to treat movement disorders related specifically to patient’s with Parkinson’s disease. This program is quite intensive, requiring 4 days of therapy per week for 4 weeks as well as a home exercise program, but pt’s have demonstrated some great improvements in their mobility and safety!

Jerry Heselton has extensive experience in work hardening. He can help you come up with an exercise program to strengthening areas of the body that are more strained with your work-related activities to prevent injury and improve your efficiency at work.

Bree Ocasio and Samantha Herriott are specialized in working with patients who have had an amputation. These therapists help patients get back to their highest level of function, as well as work closely with their prosthetists to ensure proper fit of their prosthesis for wound prevention.

 Christine Benway has specialized training in hand and upper extremity disorders. In addition, she has extensive training in assisting people with their ergonomic set-up at their workplace through educating patients on how to make their work station more conducive for injury prevention.

 Bree Ocasio, Stacey Trulock, and Bethany Zich are certified in dry needling, and specialized technique that uses small needles to relax muscles that are preventing normal joint mechanics. This can aid in improved normalized movements of the body when tightness is an issue.

Megan Rand is our therapist at our Danville location. She treats various orthopedics issues as well. In addition, she can help you to regain balance and improve endurance related to neurological disorders. Having her at our Danville location allows us to treat patients in a wider geographic area.

We also have several therapists who specialize in geriatric care. Kathleen Ruhter and Michelle Young have knowledge specific to improving strength, balance, and mobility in older adults to ensure safety in the home and in the community. They have also developed an exercise group targeted for seniors to maintain strength and endurance, helping older adults stay as independent as possible!


So, in addition to helping you regain function with an orthopedic issue or after a surgery, there are several other areas of concern you may have that we can address! Physical therapy is a growing field with many areas of specialty. At Christie Clinic, we have many therapists with varied knowledge and skill sets that can meet your needs and help you get back to living your life!

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