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Ergonomics is defined as the relationship between the human capabilities and our work demands. What this means for most of use is, how well does your body hold up to the physical stress of your job. To some, it can be as hard as having to left and certain weight, several times a day. To others it is the small, repetitive stress of typing on a keyboard and clicking on the mouse. Either way, it is something that we all can address to ensure we stay healthy and pain free.

Proper posture is one way in which we can reduce the stresses on our body. Posture is not just finding the “right” position, it is about finding the best position. Specialist recommends the following keys to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain:

  • Change your body position frequently during the day. If you sit for long periods of time, take several breaks and move around. Walk some if able.
  • Position your keyboard directly in front of you. At elbow height, so your wrists are straight.
  • Center your monitor with your keyboard and chair.
  • Avoid ear to shoulder neck positions while on the phone. Utilize a headset or speakerphone if available.
  • Rearrange your workstation to avoid any excess bending or stooping.
  • Avoid over crowding your workspace.
  • Make sue your chair has a back/lumbar support. If not, you can use a rolled towel or lumbar roll.

If you are having problems during the day with neck or shoulder pain, try some of these suggestions for some pain relief. If these do not help, do not hesitate to contact your supervisor.

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