How To Stay Physically Active During COVID-19

These are interesting times we are living in. At Christie Clinic, we are taking appropriate measures to decrease patient risk and protect the health of those in our community, during this pandemic. … more

Opioid Use

In recent news, you have likely heard of the ominous “Opioid Epidemic.” Though this phrasing sounds like it may be a little overkill, the misuse of opioids is nothing short of an epidemic in the healthcare industry. … more

We’ve Expanded Our Services to Downtown Champaign!

Our Department of Physical Therapy has expanded their services to Downtown Champaign at the Main Clinic on University Avenue. Kristi Gresch, PT, DPT and Jerry Heselton, PT, are now seeing patients on the 3rd floor downtown. … more

Returning to Sports Activities

5 Steps on How to Stay Safe When Returning to Sports Activities

School is starting back up soon, and that means kids will be returning to their school athletic programs. … more

Tips for Staying Active While On Vacation

Summer time is synonymous with vacations. With kids out of school, it is prime time for families to travel, and is a traditional time for people without young kids to go on trips because of nice weather conditions. … more

Cabot’s 2019 Global Sustainability Day

In May, Christine Benway PT, MPT, OCS, CEAS attended Cabot’s 2019 Global Sustainability Day in Tuscola, IL! The manufacturing facility in central Illinois was Cabot’s first fumed silica plant, which currently has 12 manufacturing units that produce hydrophilic and hydrophobic fumed silica for a variety of end-use applications. … more

Physical Therapy at the Fields

Hey all! Have you heard the news? The Christie Clinic Physical Therapy Department has now moved to their brand new location at The Fields! … more