Cabot’s 2019 Global Sustainability Day

In May, Christine Benway PT, MPT, OCS, CEAS attended Cabot’s 2019 Global Sustainability Day in Tuscola, IL! The manufacturing facility in central Illinois was Cabot’s first fumed silica plant, which currently has 12 manufacturing units that produce hydrophilic and hydrophobic fumed silica for a variety of end-use applications. Their team consists of over 100 employees and they are active in the local community.

Cabot’s 2019 Global Sustainability Day was an internal meeting held to improve teamwork, health and wellness of all employees. The day was full of team-building activities and information about healthy eating practices, mental health, ergonomics, exercise and massage. Christine was in attendance to share helpful stretching information and explain more about Christie Clinic’s Physical Therapy services!

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