Cold Weather Running Tips:

-Dress in layers: Use synthetic material clothes closer to your body. Make sure that it is moisture wicking material. A wind-proof layer over the top will keep the cold air from penetrating the layers. Remember not to “over dress”. Dress like it is 20 degrees warmer. As you run you will produce heat to keep you warm.

-Protect your head and hands: Wear gloves and a stocking cap, especially on a windy day. Most of your body heat is lost through your head. Keep it covered and you will stay warmer during your run.

-Hydrate: Runners think that since it is cold outside, that they don’t have to hydrate as much. We sweat as much running in the cold as you would running in 50 degrees. Drink plenty of water pre- and post-training runs.

Be seen: Running in the winter months means includes more runs in the dark due to the short day light hours. Wear reflective gear as well as light colored clothing. Carry a small flash light or attach one to you as you run to alert drivers of your location.

Remember to protect your skin: Wear a moisturizing skin lotion to protect your face and skin. Lip balm with sunscreen is also advised. Petroleum based lotion with help prevent wind burn as well as keep your skin moist.

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